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At Insurdinary, We Help You Afford Costly Funeral Expenses

According to a report by the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), funeral costs in the United States continue to rise every year. Although price increases don't reflect the same rate as recent inflation, many families still struggle to afford funerals for their deceased loved ones and turn to insurance for help.

The median cost for a funeral, viewing, and burial was $7,848 in 2021 (not including the cost of the cemetery plot and marker). If the cemetery required a burial vault, this price rose to $9,420. The median price for a funeral, viewing, and cremation totaled $6,970—about $900 cheaper than a funeral with a burial.

The fees and costs of laying a family member to rest often include but aren't limited to:

  • Standard service fees
  • Transport fees for moving the deceased to the funeral home
  • Transport fees for moving the deceased to the cemetery
  • Embalming and deceased preparation costs
  • Cremation and urn fees
  • Ceremony and print material costs
  • Facility costs for viewings and ceremonies
  • Casket fees

Many people don't have thousands of dollars to pay for a loved one's last rites. Whether you're dealing with declining health or simply want to prepare for your family's future financial stability, funeral insurance (also called burial or final expense insurance) is a wise investment. A funeral insurance policy will provide your family members with a death benefit to help them cover expensive last rite costs.

3 Simple Steps for a Great Funeral Insurance Plan

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2. Compare Plans Side by Side

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3. Get Quotes and Apply

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How the Funeral IndustryWorks

Funeral costs affect people across the globe and cost thousands of dollars. Whether you prefer to be buried in a cemetery or cremated after you pass on, the process of fulfilling your last wishes costs money. Funeral parlors and cemeteries charge for associated services to prepare the deceased and the burial site. With funeral insurance, you pay monthly premiums to your insurance company, and when you die the insurance company pays out your policy to your named beneficiaries to cover funeral and burial costs.

High funeral expenses can cause financial hardship without funeral insurance. In 2021, experts estimated the U.S. funeral insurance market at $65.74 billion and expect it to continue to grow as an increasing number of people prioritize financial planning.

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6 Reasons Why Funerals Are So Expensive

Many people can't afford to pay for funerals for their loved ones out of pocket, creating potential financial struggles. Insurdinary combs through funeral insurance policies from a vast network of leading providers to help you find a policy that fits your needs at an affordable rate.

If you already have a funeral home in mind, ask the funeral director for a detailed price list, which should include a list of all services and how much they cost. Keep in mind that you can pick and choose services rather than opting for a bundle with funeral services you don't need.

You may wonder, why are funerals so expensive? Let's look at six aspects of funeral costs (not including cemetery or grave marker costs).

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Here are the reasons why:

Standard service fees

Funeral homes have basic service fees with a median cost of $2,300 in 2021.

Preparing the deceased

Funeral homes typically offer services for preparing the deceased for the viewing and funeral, including embalming, bathing, dressing, and grooming. In 2021, the embalming and preparation process cost a median of $1,050.

Burial or cremation costs

Transporting the deceased to the cemetery may cost between $150 and $350, depending on the type of vehicle used. Metal burial caskets cost a median price of $2,500 in 2021, with cremation caskets running at a median of $1,310. About 60% of funeral homes from the 2021 survey also charged a median fee of $368 for third-party cremation.

Vault requirements

Some cemeteries require burial vaults, which are casket receptacles made out of metal, plastic, or fiberglass. Burial vaults provide structural support for the ground above the casket, preventing ground settling and reducing maintenance for the cemetery. In 2021, a burial vault cost a median price of $1,572.

Ceremony costs

Last rite ceremonies include several costs, including facility fees, printed material fees, and funeral home staff fees. For example, it cost a median of $515 in 2021 for the use of funeral home facilities for ceremonies.

Other expenses

Other expenses include burial plot and marker costs and other miscellaneous expenses, such as obituary fees and flowers.

Types of Funeral Insurance Options

If you need a funeral insurance plan to help your family with burial costs, you have three main options:

Simplified Issue Funeral Insurance

Simplified issue providers use medical history questionnaires to determine the risk of insuring applicants but usually don't require health exams. Applicants with pre-existing conditions and risky lifestyle behavior (such as smoking) may get denied for simplified issue coverage.

Providers assume less risk with this type of funeral insurance policy compared to guaranteed issue plans, so coverage amounts may be higher.

Guaranteed Issue Funeral Insurance

Guaranteed issue providers accept nearly all applicants and don't require health exams or medical histories. Applicants who can't get simplified issue policies often look to this type for almost guaranteed acceptance.

Providers of these policies assume more risk and often offer lower coverage amounts or higher premium costs.

Pre-need Funeral Insurance

Pre-need insurance policyholders set up this type of funeral insurance through a funeral service provider, such as a funeral home. Rather than pay the death benefit to a beneficiary, the insurance provider pays the funeral service directly, taking the financial burden completely off of the family's plate.

People opt for this type of funeral insurance to remove the burden of paying funeral costs from their family members during their time of grief.

Choosinga Funeral Insurance Plan

Those who need help affording end-of-life expenses have a few options for insurance. A funeral insurance plan can help cover the burial cost, while life insurance policies provide a lump sum death benefit your beneficiary can use to cover other expenses, such as mortgage and outstanding debt payments.

Funeral insurance policies only cover expenses related to the funeral, typically up to a predetermined amount. The average burial insurance policy provides benefit amounts between $5,000 and $25,000.

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Do You Need Funeral Insurance?

People use many types of insurance policies to maintain financial security during tough times. Funeral insurance provides families with financial peace of mind following the loss of a loved one. Affording a funeral without insurance can put many families into significant debt and make it difficult to overcome future financial hardship.

Below, we explore four reasons why you need funeral insurance.

Cemeteries May Require Expensive Burial Vaults

Funeral expenses can add up fast, especially with added costs mandated by the cemetery or local law. For example, burial vaults play a key role in keeping cemetery grounds stable and even, but they represent a major expense for people planning funerals for their loved ones.

The price of burial vaults rose by 12.7% between 2016 and 2021, and prices continue to rise through economic inflation. If you don't calculate this expense into the total funeral costs, your family could face a $1,500 or higher charge that they aren't prepared to pay.

Families May Struggle to Pay for Funerals Without Insurance

There are people that can't afford to shell out thousands of dollars for a funeral. In 2019, the median savings amount for Americans under 35 was only $3,240 and up to just $6,400 for those between the ages of 55 and 64. Neither of these median savings numbers covers the full median cost of a funeral, leaving families to look to other financing options, such as:

  • State assistance programs
  • Personal loans
  • Crowdfunding sources

Locating enough funds to cover funeral costs can cause a lot of stress for families already struggling with the emotional trials of losing a loved one. Funeral insurance provides a highly accessible way to ensure surviving family members don't have to cover costs out of pocket.

Funeral Insurance Is a Key Element in Financial Planning

People create comprehensive financial planning portfolios to protect the financial stability and overall wellbeing of their loved ones in the event of their deaths. A trust can help keep funds, property, and valuables in the family, and insurance policies help cover the many costs that accumulate when a person passes away.

A financial planner may recommend funeral insurance to a client who wants to ensure their family members don't have to worry about funeral and burial expenses. These policies help, whether the person wants a traditional burial, a green burial, or a cremation.

Funeral Insurance Provides Peace of Mind

Funeral insurance provides peace of mind for the policyholder and their family members. This is especially true for policyholders struggling with health problems who may otherwise feel anxious about what will happen to their family members when they're gone.

With a funeral insurance policy, policyholders and their families can approach difficult times like health scares and lost loved ones without the added pressure of financial stress due to costly funeral expenses.

Why Choose Insurdinary for Quotes on Funeral Insurance?

Insurdinary believes everyone should be able to easily find affordable funeral insurance, so we take care of the time-consuming task of comparing providers. We offer fast, free plan comparisons and rate quotes. With a vast network of providers, we'll help you find the perfect policy for your needs.
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Shopping for quotes by yourself means filling out endless paperwork for multiple providers, but Insurdinary makes the process easy with a single, short questionnaire. You can apply for funeral insurance in just a few steps.

When you apply for a policy through us, you won't face any fees for using our service.

Choosing the Right Funeral Insurance Policy for Your Needs

To select the best funeral insurance policy, you must balance the coverage you need with the cost of the plan. The ideal benefit amount for your policy depends on several factors, including your ceremony and burial preferences. For example, you may not need as high a coverage amount on your insurance policy if you want to be cremated or have a green burial instead of a traditional one.

Insurdinary will help you find the perfect plan by helping you compare policies that best suit your needs. Our providers offer policies that may cover:

Get coverage for:

Deceased preparation
Printed materials
Cemetery fees
Funeral home fees
Caskets and urns
Other funeral costs
And More...
If you need help estimating your final expenses and the ideal amount for your policy, you may speak with a financial advisor or local funeral homes before you compare quotes.
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How to Select the Right Funeral Insurance Plan

Insurance plans represent significant investments, so consider your options carefully before you commit to a policy. Insurdinary makes it easy to compare rates and coverages from leading providers. Keep the following things in mind when shopping for a funeral insurance policy:

Higher Coverage Amounts Mean Higher Premiums

Your funeral insurance policy may cost less than $50 per month or more than $200, depending in part on the amount of the benefit. In general, you'll pay higher premiums for policies with higher payout amounts.

Other factors that may influence your rates include:

  • The type of policy you choose
  • Your age
  • Your medical history
  • Your current health

When choosing a policy, it's important to remember you may not need it for many years, and funeral costs will likely rise during that time. You want to balance what you can afford to pay in monthly premiums with your long-term coverage needs.

You may encounter very similar plans with disparate rates in your comparisons due to the different frameworks insurance companies use to calculate risk and policy costs.

Your Policy May Offer a Graded Benefit

Funeral insurance policies generally offer one of two types of benefits:

  1. A level benefit provides the full death benefit to your beneficiary starting at the time the plan is issued with no minimum restriction period. Policies with level benefits often require a medical questionnaire, which may result in denied coverage for certain applicants.
  2. A graded benefit only offers the full death benefit after a restriction period, usually two or three years. If you pass away during this period, the insurance provider will only pay part of the benefit or may only refund the amount paid in premiums up to that point.

Before you sign up for a burial insurance policy, read it carefully to understand which type of coverage you're getting.

Funeral Insurance Won't Cover All End-of-Life Costs

Funeral insurance helps cover specific expenses related to last rites, such as the funeral and cemetery fees. Many of these policies won't cover other end-of-life expenses, such as ongoing mortgage payments and debt settlements.

If you want to provide your family with coverage to replace your income after you pass, a life insurance policy may suit you better than funeral insurance. Life insurance benefits help cover funeral fees, estate fees, legal fees, debt payments, and more.

We Can Help You Find an Affordable Plan

Accepting the first quote from the first insurance company you come across may turn out fine or may result in higher than necessary premiums for subpar coverage. You must compare multiple quotes to find a plan that meets your coverage needs without compromising your budget.

At Insurdinary, we make it simple to compare quotes and understand how coverage changes affect premiums. We'll match you with suitable policy options with affordable rates in minutes.

You Can Minimize Final Expenses

Funeral expenses add up fast, but you can do a few simple things to keep your final expenses as low as possible, including:

  • Estimating coverage needs. You can estimate the costs of a funeral by calling local funeral homes and asking for pricing. Funeral directors are required by law to provide a general price list if asked for one.
  • Knowing your rights. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) also stipulates that consumers have a right to purchase the funeral goods they need without having to purchase conditional goods, such as package deals.
  • Opting for a cremation or green burial. You can eliminate embalming and casket costs by opting for a green burial, which uses a biodegradable box instead of a pricey casket.

Funeral Insurance
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Choosing a funeral insurance policy should not be done lightly. To help you make an informed decision about your funeral insurance needs, we've answered the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

How do I choose a funeral insurance policy?

The best funeral insurance policy will cover all of the costs associated with your last rites. If you call a local funeral home and come up with an estimate that far exceeds your benefit amount, you may not have the best policy for you.

The proper plan will also provide ample coverage at a rate you can comfortably afford. If you struggle to make your premium payments, you may need a new policy.

What does funeral insurance cover?

The precise coverages depend on the policy and the provider's limitations on how beneficiaries can use the benefits. In general, funeral insurance will cover funeral home fees, such as deceased preparation costs, transport fees, and other expenses. It may also help with cemetery fees, such as burial plot and headstone costs.

How can I save money on funeral insurance?

Comparing quotes before making a purchase decision is the best way to save money on funeral insurance. Some providers also offer discounts, such as annual payment deals. Ask your potential providers about discounts before you commit to a policy.

How long does it take Insurdinary to provide funeral insurance quotes?

Insurdinary aims to make the insurance buying process as simple as possible, so we provide quotes from our large network of funeral insurance providers within a few minutes. We only require a brief questionnaire to get started.
Give your family peace of mind and freedom from financial stress when you invest in funeral insurance. Compare quotes with us for a fast and convenient online process. We'll help you find your perfect plan at an affordable rate.
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